You? In a trailer park?

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

If you ever visited a really cool trailer park or campground, it probably is a great memory. I remember a sand-between-my-toes, whiff-of-suntan-lotion, epic-sunset, best-picnic, best-beach, coolest-new-friends, felt-the-love experience. What about you?

If you've never had the pleasure, and especially if you can't see yourself in a trailer park, you owe it to yourself to take a look at us. We have an extraordinary new experience waiting for you. Its built on the foundation of our retro-trailer park, the hotel amenities of our Timber House Resort boutique hotel, and the services, creativity and warmth of our incredible Net Zero Resorts Host team.

We've made it all just for you. Affordable, inspiring experiences, amenities and entertainment in an incredible setting, offered in formats designed to fit with the busy life you lead.

Its here, at the Timber House Resort. We've had the makings of it here all along, in our retro-themed chill trailer park. With our new Net Zero Resorts system, we've created an experience that blends incredible amenities, experiences and activities into one artful, inspiring and downright fun resort for you and your friends. Starting this spring, our Net Zero Resorts offering combines great cottage get-away traditions in an exciting new resort experience. If changing the world can begin in a trailer park, its happening here at Timber House Resort.

Our Timber House Resort trailer park pulses with life and energy. We offer an experience more like staying in a hotel, but with authentic local artisanal amenities and services. We cater to extended-stay seasonal guests, tourists and vacationers who stay in our specially adapted trailers, some of which are owned co-operatively by our extended-stay seasonal hosts, many of whom are also artisanal providers of services to our tourists and vacationers. These services include a range of offerings, including activities like guitar lessons, kite-surfing lessons, culinary schools and restaurant offerings, art lessons, wellness/yoga retreats and much more. These are offered under the Net Zero Resorts brand, which also includes offsite services and experiences that'll connect you like a local to our area's extraordinary culture, cuisine and entertainment.

If you're interested in our seasonal offerings and would like to become a Host, the Net Zero Resort system protects your trailer investment and assists with financing to improve your trailer and manage costs. The system offers you optional Air B'n'B style trailer sharing and fractional ownership sharing along with the opportunity to share your skills, gifts and personality with our other guests while contributing to creating an extraordinary experience for all. You choose if or how much to share your trailer. You choose if or how much to leverage your participation in the Net Zero Resort co-operative by developing services and offerings that you profit from. At the same time, you enjoy all the amenities and services, just as any other guest, tourist or vacationer. In short, you benefit from a vastly improved park experience and attractive seasonal rates.

We've cracked the riddle on how to make owning in a trailer park amazingly great. Our approach makes your trailer a durable investment-grade asset that should grow in value over time. We've developed a new generation of trailer parks and trailers. Now we're looking for a new generation of customers.

What if you were one of our new trailer park customers? Click here for a listing of investment opportunities.

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