Trust And Net Zero Resorts

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

Welcome to Net Zero Resorts! This is an exciting new resort concept originating from one of the most beautiful corners of Ontario at the intersection of Northumberland and Prince Edward County. Net Zero Resorts offers the travelling public a luxury trailer park experience without the burden of having to own a trailer. The system enables exciting new options for tourists and vacationers including Air b'n'b style Trailer Sharing, Resort-Owned Hotel Trailers, Fractional Ownership, and locally-themed hotel rooms.

At its core, Net Zero Resorts is about trust. Net Zero creates a stable and safe environment with clear expectations for all participants. This attracts investment of all types: energy, effort, money and goodwill. It leads to better outcomes and experiences for trailer owners and exciting new options for tourists and vacationers. It taps the incredible recreational potential of private resorts and trailer parks by forging new, trusted alliances between trailer owners and resort owners. On this foundation of trust it becomes possible to improve occupancy rates, improve infrastructure, health and safety, and ultimately to invest in amenities and services to enrich the experiences and enjoyment of tourists and trailer owners alike.

Net Zero Resorts is an Internet platform business, owned and controlled cooperatively by resort owners, investors, suppliers, service providers, employees, trailer owners and, ultimately, the travelling public. The Net Zero Resorts platform is built on a system that transparently better aligns the interests of all of these groups. Fundamental undertakings and commitments between the parties are built into the platform, along with a suite of systems and services for resort operational management, marketing, entertainment, health and safety.

Resort and Trailer owners share equitably in the operation of the Net Zero Resorts system in accordance with its parameters to seek net zero harm, net zero energy and ultimately net zero carbon. Trailer owners become partners with Resort Owners in a new, transparent relationship that offers many benefits including minimising cost increases, opportunities for trailer capital appreciation, financing for trailer upgrades, and optionally, income from trailer sharing.

The Net Zero Resorts System helps resort owners tap the full business potential of their property. It helps to build more sustainable, mutually rewarding relationships for resort owners with trailer owners resulting in more profitable resort ownership and an array of new options on the path towards ownership exit or transition, within families or beyond.

Trust is our foundation. A new relationship between resort and trailer owners is built on this foundation. The foundation rides on Net Zero Resorts' electronic platform that facilitates exciting partnerships between Trailer Owners, Investors and Resort Owners.

We know the love of place and experience is already strong at Timber House Resort, the first Net Zero Resort . The Net Zero Resort system will allow it to find new heights, draw new people, and help create opportunities to enhance the resort and enrich the experiences available there.

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