Escape to Bliss!

Remember that sand-between-your-toes, whiff-of-suntan-lotion, epic-sunset, best-picnic, best-beach, coolest-new-friends, felt-the-love experience you had so long ago? Its still here, at the Timber House Resort. We've had it here all along, a retro-themed chill trailer park experience that blends incredible amenities, experiences and activities into one artful, inspiring and downright fun getaway for you and your friends.

Now, we're taking it to the next level. Our new Net Zero Resorts offering is starting this spring. Our new resort combines great summer holiday traditions in an exciting new travel experience that fits today's busy lives.

Re-charge and rejuvenate by connecting and letting go. We've got it all here. Chill on our beach, enjoy meals and bevvies from the waterfront Air Stream Kitchen. Ride our excursion boat to Bald Head beach. Enjoy morning yoga on the beach deck. Watch the kite-surfing pageant on the lake. Join in if you like. Or just bask and dive into that novel, pool-side or on your private deck.

Chill and renew. Take a wine country excursion. Or get inspired by the Net Zero Resorts story and how we're creating life-changing vacations by connecting trailer park traditions and cool people to you and the future.

Timber House Resort, a new holiday experience for you that might, through the simple act of staying with us, help change the world!

Please join us! Book now for spring! Click here for availability and offerings!

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