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Get Your Green On!



Net Zero Resorts offers a luxury trailer park experience without the burden of having to own a trailer.

Net Zero Resorts offers exciting new options for tourists and vacationers including Air b'n'b style Trailer Sharing, Resort Owned Hotel Trailers, Fractional Ownership, and our locally-themed hotel rooms.

Our guests enjoy a uniquely authentic connection to our local culture and cuisine, freely mixing with our trailer owners and other guests while enjoying exciting new resort amenities including improved spa pools, waterfront recreation/dining, and super-fast broadband, movies and television.




Trailer owners become partners with Resort Owners in a new, transparent relationship that offers many benefits including minimising cost increases, trailer capital appreciation, financing for trailer upgrades, and optionally, income from trailer sharing.

Occupancy in trailers is managed by the resort in the same fashion as hotel guests. Trailer ownership is indirect, with all trailers managed by the Net Zero Resorts system to ensure consistent standards of health and safety, with monitored resource (water & energy) consumption and waste production.


Trailer owners choose whether to share their trailer with tourists or friends.  (more).... 



Resort and Trailer owners share equitably in the operation of the Net Zero Resorts system in accordance with its parameters to seek net zero harm, net zero energy and ultimately net zero carbon.

Resort Owners build their partnership with Trailer Owners by enacting the Net Zero Resorts system for trailers, marketing, and reservations while selectively contracting other resort operations to the Net Zero Resorts system to suit their objectives.

Resort Owners choose how to share their resort with tourists, vacationers and those choosing longer stays. (more)....



Timber House Resort is the first Net Zero Resort. Click to reserve!

NetZero Resort Hotel Trailers

Our Net Zero Hotel Trailers are available for overnight guests to book directly here on our website. Hotel Trailers are adapted into first class hotel accommodations with high standards of fit and finish. 

NetZero Resort Trailer Sharing

Some trailers in Net Zero parks are available for rent from their current occupants through the Net Zero Trailer Sharing program.

These trailers meet strict standards for comfort and safety. Some are available for sale.

Hotel Rooms

Many Net Zero Resorts also offer hotel guest-room accommodations

Net Zero Resort guest rooms meet CAA Three Diamond standards. Overnight guests can also enjoy Net Zero Resorts as Hotel guests with bed, breakfast and other meal services. 


​Welcome to an exciting new holiday experience at the world’s first Net Zero Resort founded on the principles of seeking net zero harm, net zero energy and net zero carbon.


Private, comfortable, retro trailer park vibe. All the comforts of home. Enjoy hotel amenities and services. 

Forget everything you know about trailer parks! Great architecture in an inspirational waterfront setting, hotel amenities and services for a guilt free, sustainable holiday, or longer!. Come for a few nights, if you like it, just stay.



Net Zero Resorts are found at some of the most beautiful locations in Canada. Our resorts offer upscale tourism accommodation in a variety of forms that result in uniquely satisfying experiences for our guests and visitors. Net Zero Resorts operate on an electronic platform that facilitates exciting partnerships between Trailer Owners, Investors and Resort Owners 




116 Cedardale Road

Brighton, ON Canada 

K0K 1H0




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